Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Hi Tim! Lincoln Thanksgiving?

Hi Tim!

I received your e-mail wishing me a Happy Thanksgiving.  I must admit that I felt a bit guilty, since you thanked me for my continued support and for taking action this year.  I haven't really done that.  While I don't support your site, I do agree with your belief in God and Jesus.  And the only action that I've taken is responding to your e-mails, and maybe offering a perspective that is different from yours.

I did find it odd that you selected Abraham Lincoln's Thanksgiving address to the nation.  I listened to the address that was dramatized on your site, and it was a very moving speech (although it was a bit disciplinary).  You may know this already, but Lincoln was a religious skeptic as a young man.  It was questioned that his frequent references to religious imagery could have been due to his personal beliefs, or the references could have a device to appeal to the American people.  Who knows?

Lincoln also never joined a church.  He would attend church with his wife, but he never made a clear profession of Christian beliefs.  It was know that he did believe in an all-powerful God, since he mentioned that in many major speeches.  But believing in God, and believing in God and Jesus are two different systems.  The Jewish people believe in God, but they do not believe in Jesus, like us Christians.  However, I doubt that Lincoln was Jewish.

Anyway, I just put the dressing in the oven.  I'm always responsible for bringing that to the Thanksgiving feast.  Our feast will be for two lesbians, three gay guys, and one straight woman.  They are my family away from home.  They adopted me as family years ago.  And it's nice, since my own family is hundreds of miles away.

I'll be going to the gym soon.  And it's almost 10 PM.  Wow!  But being a vain gay man, I have to make sure my body looks presentable...Ha, Ha.  Besides, our Thanksgiving meal will not start until Noon, so I can sleep in.

Happy Thanksgiving to you, Tim!  Hope you enjoy your time with your family.

Yours in Christ,


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