Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Hi Tim, Thank for you thanking me for voting!

Hi Tim,

I got your e-mail thanking me for being an American voter.  I did vote in America.  I can't vote anywhere else.  Sorry...LOL...I couldn't resist being a smart alec.  But I am an American citizen.  A fact that I'm very proud of, as I know that you are as well.  We do live in a wonderful county, where we have the right to vote and to make our voices be heard.

You did mention something in your e-mail that troubled me, though. You stated that

"Your AFA is already hard at work to with policies that ensure our nation reverses many of the bad laws that have been passed in the past seven years. Specifically, we will strike hard against ObamaCare, runaway spending, natural marriage and religious freedom protections."

(I copied that directly from your e-mail.  The first sentence seems to have some grammar problems, but hey...we all goof up sometimes).

I've mentioned before that I really don't keep up with current event, so I don't have all the facts about ObamaCare.  I don't think that is the real name of the program, but I guess that not important here.  I've heard a lot of people complaining about it.  I am fortunate to work for a company who has excellent health insurance, and they even extend that coverage to my husband (well, for him, I have to pay for it.  It's not for free...LOL).

Runaway spending?  Yeah, I guess that's a problem.  When my husband and I "run-away" spend, we end up eating beans, rice, and greens, like we did tonight.  Our money too often goes to fun things like travel, eating out, buying gifts for our families, or bowling.  We LOVE to bowl.  But we should really try to budget better.  A lot of people should, but I always try to mind my own business.

Natural marriage?  I know what you are driving at there, and it makes me smile.  I am married, and I have been so for years now.  Legally.  Maybe not in the everyday conservative's eyes, but I know that Jesus has blessed me.  I found the man of my dreams, and I'm fortunate in many ways.

Religious freedom?  I'm right there with you, buddy.  For me, the best way that I can exercise my religious freedom is by being an example for people that I encounter:  always being kind, helping others when I can, giving as much of myself as I can, not judging people because they are different from me.  Jesus gave me that example.

I'm glad that you are stoked about the election results.  I'm beginning to think of you as a friend.  You know...someone you can admire (like I admire your passion in your convictions), someone that can drive you crazy (when I think, "Wow...did you really just say that, Tim?), and someone that you have a lot in common with (like our belief in the teachings of Jesus).

Have a great day, Tim

Yours in Christ,


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