Monday, December 1, 2014

Hi Tim! "Ol' Unnatural Me" or "Duggar Family Revisted"

Hi Tim!

Got your e-mail today.  Man, I'm glad I caught it.  I just got in from the gym, and it's half past 10 PM.  It was a late evening, so I got to the gym late, because I had dinner with friends.  Another gay married couple and our best friends, a lesbian couple (they're not unnaturally married...LOL..I'll explain what I mean below).

Today's e-mail was about the Duggar Family again.  We communicated about that topic on this post here.  Today you let me know that your petition had been signed by hundreds of thousands of good people, but you were missing my signature.  Sorry, but I couldn't bring myself to sign it.  

You see, after you posted your original story on the Duggar family, I did a little investigation online.  It seems that another organization was pushing a petition to send to TLC to persuade them to cancel the show.

Here's the truth, Tim.  I'm not signing either of them.  I don't watch television.  Well, that's not entirely true.  I have all available seasons of The Big Bang Theory on DVD, and I watch them over and over.  I'm kinda boring that way.

In today's e-mail, you stated that the "good people" who signed your petition refuse to be bullied by a noisy group of angry homosexual activists.  I got bullied once in high school.  Fortunately, it only happened once.  Some girl called me a "faggot" to my face.  Trust me, once was enough.

You mentioned that the Duggar family is "standing firm on God’s word that marriage is sacred and can only be defined as God intended – one man and one woman."  Even being a Christian, I follow the idea of separation of church and state.  My husband and I got married in a courthouse.  The courthouse did have a small "chapel," but the ceremony was...well, I guess it was stately.  LOL

It's not unnatural though.  It's quite nice.

As for the Duggars, I don't have much stake in their show.  Like I said, I don't watch TV.  My husband and I couldn't watch their show if we tried.  We don't have cable.  Yes.  We're cavemen.  LOL

This all seems "much ado about nothing" to me though.  The Duggars and your organization, and the homosexuals of this country will probably never understand one another.  Sometimes, I don't understand your e-mails.  But then I ask God to help me, and I just focus on things that you and I might have in common:

  • I'm married.  I guess you are too.
  • I have a child.  I would imagine that you have at least one.
  • We are both middle-aged white men (but it looks like I have more hair than you...ha, ha..just kidding, buddy)
The upshot is the Duggars television program will not last forever.  Americans have such short attention spans.  And so we're back to "Much Ado About Nothing."  

Let's just laugh.

Have a great night, Tim!

Yours in Christ,


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