Friday, April 9, 2010

"You're different" "I'm dumb" "I don't like you"

I'll have to admit that I'm piggy-backing off of the Bloggess, but imitation is (well you know what it is...)

Here's a typical story ... probably has happened before; probably will happen again.

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So...the lesbian wanted to go to the prom with her female date and dress in a tuxedo. Now, that'll freak out the straights (but only the dumb ones)!

And then when the students cannot have the prom without her due to a court order, they:
1. Cancel the prom
2. Schedule a new secret prom
3. Reschedule a new fake prom at a country club
4. Invite the lesbian to the fake prom
5. All attend the secret prom

The lesbian student's first warning should have been that the new prom for which she received the invitation was at a country club.

Aren't country clubs the quintessence of inclusion and diversity?

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