Thursday, April 8, 2010

"Honey, are you gonna get the calorie counter?"

Mornings. Not my best time. Well, if I didn't stay up so late... Anyway. My partner has to be at work at 8 AM; I, at 8:30. He gets up around 5 AM, I think ... I'm never up that early.
In the four years that we have been together, I'll admit that I've gotten a bit spoiled. I mean, the man does a lot for me: all the cooking, all the cleaning, all the laundry. Me, I do the yard work.
One of the ways, that I have been spoiled is by having him morph into my personal alarm clock. Plus he snoozes! A couple of "Honey, it's time to get up,"'s can be met with "Just five more minutes..." and I get a little extra shut-eye.

He does get his entertainment out of it though. After a long night and some spicy Mexican food, I'm usually guaranteed vivid dreams. One of the more recent ones involved him making out passionately with another man in front of his brother and me. When I woke up and shot him a go-to-Hell look, he just laughed and snickered, "What did I do? Needless to say, my explanation was comical.
He gets other entertainment as well. When my sleep cycle is spinning to an end, I apparently get quite chatty. Groggily, I'm sure.
This morning, the first thing I said to him as he was trying to wake me was, "Honey, are you going to get the calorie counter?"
He said, "What??"
I said, "Huh?"
He repeated what I said.
I just said "Oh."
I got my extra five minutes of sleep.

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