Saturday, April 10, 2010

Together We're Invincible

Anthems. Great things, those. You can think of our National Anthem (a pretty angry song if you care to analyze it) or songs like "Song 2" by Blur (which has a completely nonsense lyric but a driving beat, power chords and a sing-along chorus) or "We Will Rock You" by Queen (where everyone, at least the coordinated ones, can do the stomp-stomp-clap action).
I recently discovered the British group, Muse. I believe that they are the new owners of the rock anthem mantle. When I am at the gym, you can bet that my iPod is set to them: good driving rockers, dramatic choruses, wailing guitars. Thursday while I was on the treadmill, "Invincible" from "Black Holes and Revelations" came on. I almost skipped it, because it is a mid-tempo song and I thought it might slow my workout pace. But I let it play.
Sometimes the most inconsequential actions in my life can make the biggest impact. I ended up putting the song on repeat and listening to it over and over. I don't mean to put too much of the song quote here, but it's an excellent lyric:

During the struggle
They will pull us down
But please, please
Let's use this chance
To turn things around

My partner and I had already kinda adopted "Invincible" as "our" song, but listening to it while I was working out that evening my mind went elsewhere. I began to think of all my gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered brothers and sisters. Sometimes our strife with each other holds us down. The song says:

Do it on your own,
It makes no difference to me.

But, people ... we have to do it. Even something as simple as tax day approaching and realizing that my partner and I do not get the option of filing a joint tax return. Even realizing that unless we get our legal matters airtight, if something happens to either one of us ... either of our families could come in and divide the life we have together. Even knowing that we cannot get married here in Texas, where it would be easy for our friends and family to attend the ceremony. These things do slowly eat at my heart ... maybe in just small ways (because I certainly know the validity of our bond).

Change should come, hopefully sooner than later. I'd like to think that I'm a patient man, but I'm afraid that even I have a limit. Canada is looking good.
And I love Houston.

Leaving the gym, I had a small sense of satisfaction at working out at the local all-gay gym. Here, things could be a little racy, sordid and steamy. Where else can you watch "Absolutely Fabulous" and porn at the same time while pumping iron. I was at least supporting a gay business.

You should make a stand,
Stand up for what you believe
And tonight we can truly say
Together we're invincible

And I truly appreciate all the straight people who have our back

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