Monday, April 12, 2010

Cosmic Wormholes

Ok, I get it ... he's a science freak. So I get to hear about crust-shift theory, tech improvements, and tests on diabetic mice. This weekend he came at me with cosmic wormholes. These are supposed to be shortcuts through space-time. And I try to act interested, I honestly do. But...
After a few months of dating, I began to take him home with me for my visits with the family. It was easy. Everybody loves the man (I keep telling y'all he's perfect). On one trip, my young niece (she must have been 8 years-old at the time) caught him alone and commented, "You and my uncle have a lot in common." Well, yes sweetheart ... and no.
I had to chase him for almost a month before he would agree to go out with me. When he finally said "Yes" and we decided on a place for dinner, I told him that I would come by his place to pick him up for the restaurant.
That first look at his face is still welded in my mind. Green eyes (I still say blue), shaved head, a genuine smile. I was hooked at sight.
We dated, and it was easy. Sunday easy. And the entire time, we dated I knew that he was only on a temporary assignment here in Houston. I told my friends "This is the perfect man, and after September I'm never going to see him again."
I was wrong.

And my niece, again I say ... well, yes sweetheart... and no.
He listens to AFI.
He loves "The Simpsons."
He loves to travel
And no.
He listens to Rammstein.
He watches "What Not to Wear" and "RuPaul's Drag Race."
He likes to travel to Brenham to see the bluebonnets.

I'd just like to think that we got sucked through a cosmic wormhole, where all the little stuff doesn't matter, where you can be partnered to your best friend, where you are loved every day of your life, unconditionally and completely. But then, I don't know anything about wormholes...

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