Friday, April 23, 2010

Julie is Singing to You, Buddy

I communicate best through music. No ... not by writing, performing or singing.
Like a freshman offering a mixtape. And that's what I did.

When we first started dating, we just fell together very easily. He was quite talkative. It's just in his blood. And if you get me on the subject of music, I can gnaw your ear off. He let me talk a lot about music, I guess.  He told me just the other day how my knowledge of music had been a big turn-on for him when we first started dating.

Near the beginning he mentioned that he had recently heard "Cry Me a River" by Julie London in a scene from a movie he had recently seen.  I knew that I had to find it.  On a business trip to Los Angeles, I found an old compilation disc with the song.  This was the start of the mix tape, and then it just got sweet and wacky:

  1. "Cry Me a River" Julie London
  2. "I Will Take Care of You" Dixie Chicks
  3. "Not Saying Goodbye" Edie Brickell
  4. "The Times You've Come" Jackson Browne
  5. "A Break in the Clouds" The Jayhawks
  6. "Baby's Coming Back" Jellyfish
  7. "It's the Nighttime" Josh Rouse
  8. "Rose Garden" k.d. lang
  9. "You Turn Me On" LaBelle
  10. "Willin'" Little Feat
  11. "It Don't Matter to the Sun" Rosie Thomas
  12. "Answering Bell" Ryan Adams
  13. "It's in Your Eyes" Sloan
  14. "Try Me Again" Trisha Yearwood
  15. "How Long" Ace
  16. "La Grange" Z.Z Top
  17. "Sister Golden Hair" America
  18. "La 2eme Chance" Autour de Lucie
  19. "Up on Cripple Creek" The Band
Yes, I realize that many of these songs are not love songs (hell, "Try Me Again" and "How Long" are break-up songs).  Some of them, like "Willin'" aren't about love at all (and we all know what "La Grange" is about).  But, the love songs there are sweet: "Not Saying Goodbye," "It's in Your Eyes," "You Turn Me On."  One of the songs was in french (as if he'd understand that).  And who knows why I put "Up on Cripple Creek" in the mix?

He loved it.
It worked like a charm (So you might wanna give the mix a try...)

Today something bad was happening to him.  He was hurt.  He left the office midday to head home and be alone.  I talked with him briefly on the phone, and he sounded terrible.  When I got home this evening, he shared with me the news of trouble back home for a friend.  I listened ... just listened.
Afterwards, we headed to the office.  He was positioned at his desk on one wall; me at my desk facing the other wall.  I began to write this post, listening to the mix that I had given him.  I had already formed the essay all out in my mind. 
Shortly into the slow easy waltz of "I'll Take Care of You" by the Dixie Chicks, I turned around in my chair.  "Stand Up." I told him.
He did.
I walked over to him and held him while the song played.
When we pulled from the embrace, he said: "You are the best thing that has ever happened to me."
I snared him with music.  By charming him with love songs and showing him a little about myself in the not-so-love songs.
I held his face in my hands and whispered: "i know..."

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