Sunday, July 17, 2011

"Go to the Mausoleum Door and Act Like You're Knocking..."

That's what I told him, to raised eyebrows and a shrug.

Sunday, July 17, 2011.  Glenwood Cemetery. Houston, Texas.

In the middle of the city, the memorial park was lush and quiet.  The mid-morning weather was warm and muggy as we wandered around the park, taking pictures of each other in goofy settings and gorgeous spots.  After thirty minutes or so, we’d had enough of the rising heat and the morbid ridiculousness, so we headed out to shop for produce. 

Browsing over broccoli, nectarines and almonds, I mentioned to The Man that I planned to post the pictures that we had taken that morning on Facebook.  Then I immediately talked myself out of it, citing the potential displeasure of my conservative friends and family at the possible perception of my being sacrilegious or disrespectful.  The Man gave no input either way (he’s good at listening).

When we got home, I still wanted to post the pictures to the internet.  But I pushed the want aside.  Until…

I usually catch up on reading my favorite blogs on Sundays.  I always go to The Bloggess first.  And what should I find today?  A video post of a speech that she made at a blogging convention.  The topic?  “The Art of Being Furiously Happy.”  The gist of the speech was about not sitting in the shadows, but stepping out and doing what is fun and important.

I stopped the video in mid-transmission and immediately loaded the graveyard photos on Facebook.  (I realized when resuming the video that I had subconsciously ripped off Jenny Lawson – she’d taken photos in Glenwood Cemetery herself months before).

Still feeling a bit of apprehension at posting the pictures, I called and warned my sister before I hit the “Publish” button on Facebook.  All she did was laugh.  I released the photos.

The Bloggess helped me to remember to be both silly and proud of it.  Thanks Jenny!

So we’re back to…

“Go to the mausoleum door and act like you’re knocking.”


He did.  Wow, not every man would take that direction.  But mine did.

"Deathwish"  The Police

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