Monday, May 2, 2011

I'm Feeling It, Cheryl

I've been goofing off.  Well, that's not necessarily true.  It's just better than offering up an excuse for not posting.

I could say

  • I can't find the spirit to write:  I've been a bit depressed (You'd shoot that down, if you had read this)
  • I'm too distracted and grumpy to write:  I've quit smoking (There will be an upcoming post on this Hell, for sure.)
  • I've no time:  I'm working out at the gym five nights a week (I wrote about this here)
  • I've no time (I know that I've already used this excuse):  I've starting walking my dogs again, instead of just letting them run around aimlessly in our back yard. (Luke and Casper could totally bust me on this if they could talk - I've only done this once in the past week).
  • I'm taking care of my Inner Child:  I got a new video game The Sims Medieval and have had my head crammed in my computer screen (playing, instead of focusing on the three Rs of blogging:  Researching, Reading, and wRiting).
So it's all about choice.  I guess I've not been prioritizing correctly.  And I've slacked a bit.

I try to post at least once a week.  And technically, I missed this week by one day.  But, ignore those points listed above.  As my Mom would have said.  "If you are looking for an excuse, any of those is a good one."

So now, I will just leave you with one of my favorite songs from the wry Cheryl Wheeler.  This tunes sums up the way I'm feeling today.  And the way a lot of us may feel.

Unworthy by Cheryl Wheeler

If you know of another song that expresses the same type of sentiment, please let me know.  I will use it the next time I'm goofing and not writing.

Jason AKA The Queer Next Door

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