Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Can I Get a Slice?

After almost five years together, we reached a small problem.  It went something like this: 

Me:  “I’d sure like pizza.  We haven’t had pizza in a long time”
Him:  “I miss it.”
Me:  “You know it's not just a spontaneous thing…people think it is, but it’s not.”
Him:  “Yeah?”
Me:  “You have to schedule pizza.  Just like you schedule dates at the beginning of a relationship.”
Him:  “Oh, I get it.  And then if it happens at the spur of the moment, that’s just a bonus.”
Me:  “Exactly.  I mean… at times, you are having pizza almost every day.  And then it gets boring.”
Him:  “Pizza gets boring?”
Me:  “Yeah, you know.  Before you realize, you are ordering the same thing every time.”
Him:  “Yeah, I guess you’re right.”
Me:  “Remember when you were younger, you would have pizza all the time?”
Him:  “Yes…”
Me:  “And if you’d get together with your favorite bud, you knew you’d have a slice?”
Him:  “Oh, yeah!”
Me:  “Well, I think we should resolve ourselves to having pizza three times a week.”
Him:  “Sounds good to me!”
Me:  “How about Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays?”
Him:  “That’ll work!”

And that brought a lot of fun back into it.  We don’t have pizza every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday; but most nights we do.  It can be a bit rich to enjoy it all the time.  But the pizza is always good.  I am never indifferent about it.  Sometimes it’s spicy.  Sometimes it’s mild.

Tonight The Man has a cold and a runny nose.  That means only one sad thing.  It’s Wednesday, and no pizza for me.
Photo Courtesy of the  Pizza Review

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